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Point Of Interest: The Lian Li PC Case K6

If you're like me and in a hunt for a minimalist PC Case then you might want to direct your attention to Lian Li PC Case K6. This particular case has peaked my interest even though there is nothing in a way anything being overly spectacular when it comes to its features. I'm thinking though that is the manufacturers main intention hence the mentioned word, minimalist.  The overall design of the case though, not flashy but structurally sound and a potential deal breaker for consumers.

The design of the Lian PC Case K6 reads like this, squarely compact, resembling a elongated cube, with a glossy black color scheme. The overall dimensions of the case are 220 x 495 x 515mm, enough space within to give clearance for the GPU that's as big as 330mm  (13.-inch) and CPU cooler at 170mm ( 6-inch) . 

The I/O ports is situated on top of the case, something you're starting to see many PC case manufacturers go with this type of I/O port placement. Present is a sported magnetically attached cover that can hide 280 x 140 mounting point for any form of cooling you throw at it.

What's a PC case without its ability to accommodate a bevy of hard drives, which in the case ( No pun intended) of the Lian Li  PC K6 it have up to seven 2.5 inch/ 3.5 inch drive bays. Probably for me the case most interesting feature is its over abundance in protection,which is certainly a good thing, its constructed in SECC steel adding extra protection against long term abuse that includes accidental kicks and scratches

I don't know about you but the Lian Li PC Case K6 definitely have my point of interest, does it have yours? Let me know how you feel, you have a right to reserve your comments in the box below.

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