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The Logitech MX Ergo Trackball Wireless Mouse: Lets Talk About It


If ever used or owned a PC for the past two decades then you may have at some point  come across the trackball mouse, which by the way was widely popular back in the early days of information technology. The trackball mouse was popular in use, yes, but wasn't nearly as accurate or ergonomically fitting like PC mouses are today.  Even in the late 90's-early 2000's, Logitech was the peripheral manufacturing leaders, and had a bevy of trackball mouses within their product line. Today the mouse have advanced in both functionality and design, causing the  trackball to slowly disappear from the market.

Surprisingly though,  you'll find some manufacturers still implementing the trackball on the mouse, one such company that comes to mind is Logitech which recently drew a lot of attention from tech pundits with their new MX Ergo wireless mouse. Leave it up to Logitech the industry leaders in all things peripherals to infuse a trackball onto a mouse in 2017.


Though the MX Ergo have a trackball, there's definitely a modernized twist to its design as oppose from the box like aesthetics from years past. In reading all the write ups and reviews, it is said that the trackball is functionally accurate, and its overall design it certainly looks comfortable to hold in the hands as with most of Logitech's high end wireless mouses.

Some of the main features on the MX Ergo is pretty interesting to say the least. Starting with an adjustable hinge that pushes the mouse upward to almost at a  45 degree angle. I'm thinking this will increase the level of comfort in the hands. Then there's the trackball, the pinnacle feature on the mouse,  according to some tech reviewers and Logitech, it actually enhances the overall speed and accuracy of the cursor on the display. For total optimal control simply press the button. 

Probably the most interesting feature on the MX Ergo is the mouses ability to fluidly connect to two devices at once using Logitech's own FLOW technology. This allows users to copy and paste images and between computers, similar to what you have with a well known Windows and Mac app Synergy. 

Before we move on, a word from the MX Ergo spec sheet...

Sensor Technology: Logitech Optical Tracking

Nominal value: 380 dpi

Minimal and Max value: 320 dpi- 440 dpi

Button Count: 8

Battery: Li-Po 500 mAh Life: up to 4 months on one single charge

Wireless Tech: 2.4GHz distance: 32 ft


The new MX Ergo wireless mouse with its main standout feature being the trackball is a cool concept, I like how Logitech mixes retro tech with the mouses modern sleek design. The price? Rather steep at $100, but there's no short change in features and certainly won't  disappoint in performance. Its customizable,  should have smooth connectivity, as with most mouses made by the peripheral kings. Then there's FLOW,  though borrowed technology from the likes of Synergy having a mouse access 2 PC's should be a standard feature with all mouses that's currently residing on the market. Most importantly, the mouse just looks comfortable to use.



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