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Three Things I Like and Dislike About The iPhone X


 Upon reading all the writes ups I've had a week or so to digest the iPhone X, the device pretty much have garnished some positive reviews from many publishers and content creators. While being so curious I took it upon myself to visit the Apple store so I can closely examine the device in person while it was in my hands. As a current Note 8 owner I'm impressed with what Apple is bringing to the table.

Now the iPhone X does present some glaring issues. In gathering my notes, I've compiled a list, top three things I like and dislike about the iPhone X.

It goes as follows.



Beautiful Display

We finally have a iPhone that's implemented with an OLED display. Though past models had decent displays with retina technology and all, nothing appeals to the visuals more than having a display that shows true deep blacks and vibrate colors thanks in part to an added HDR 10 support. Its also rocking a much higher resolution that comes in at 2436 x 1125, a shade under the Note 8 display resolution.

 The Hardware Straight Beasts Out

It seems the focal attention is directed on the much talked about Notch or l Face ID, but lost in translation is what's under the hood of the X, the hardware. It embeds an A11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture, a Neural engine, and a M11 motion processing. Sure the software as always optimizes well with any hardware implemented by Apple, but the X performance by far is more fluid than it's current cousins that's on the market. 

 The Design Breaks The Mold (Somewhat)

In my opinion the X actually breaks the mold from past iterations in terms of design. Gone is the signature home button, the bezel is much thinner and the overall build is more narrow and elongated making it easy to grasp in your hands. With stainless steel running alongside its edges and back being entirely encased in glass, the iPhone X gleams with sleekness.  




iphonexdesign (1).jpg


The Inflated Price ( Key accessories not included)

 The price of the iPhone X is no secret, it's a $1,000. Either you have the bucks to purchase the device or not, the choice is yours. Disturbing is what's not included for such hefty price point, no SD card slot for expandable storage or no wireless headphones ( there is no headphone jack by the way). The X now have Power Qi technology which is a good, except to quick charge your iPhone you'll need a USB-C to lightning cable and Aukey 27 W power bank, both accessories are sold separately and will cost an combine total of about $75 which you can purchase at the Apple store. Dear Apple, this is greed to the highest degree, iPhone loyalist have long waited for wireless charging yet you're willing to make your loyal consumers pay to access such technology?  Ouch.

iOS 11 is stuck in a time warp

One of the contributing factors in me ditching the iPhone for an Android smartphone is Apple unwillingness to push the envelope when it comes to iOS, I want to see more in terms of features and functionality. In my opinion iOS 11 is the same as, well IOS 6. And to add, there's still no true multitasking and Apple still haven't gotten right with push notification which have been in the iOS platform for a couple of years now

Not Having A Home Button Sucks

Big change to the iPhone X is there is no home button, none whatsoever. To access the home screen users would have to use the swipe gesture method,  which in itself is not a problem. Where the home button is missed is when you're trying to force close apps that is stuck or maybe in the processing of crashing. To close out apps you have to literally hold your finger down directly on the screen until a red button appears above the app. For me its rather awkward and time wasting. The home button, be it physical or built into the UI speeds up the overall process.





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