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The Bug Report: HP Laptop Keylogger Exploit


 If  you're current owner of a HP laptop you might want to read this post before pressing another character on your keyboard.  It appears a hidden vulnerable exploit with HP laptops have a hidden keylogger bug that is within Synaptics touchpad driver. 


Micheal Myng a security researcher was the first come upon the keylogger bug while attempting to change the keyboard back light. Built into the software the keylogger main intention is to debug errors. The software is suppose to be disabled by default, but any attacker with administrative privileges can alter the registry value and switch on keylogging locally to record users keystroke without users being aware of what's going on. The Malicious code can gain access to sensitive data that  includes passwords, usernames, account numbers and credit card information. 

In a security bulletin issued by HP, they claim that no user data will be compromise when using Synaptics software, but users should take action immediately and download a security patch so you can safeguard yourself from getting the keylogger exploit. 

Also in the security bulletin HP states that all Synaptics OEM partners that includes HP systems  which already come shipped with various Synaptic TouchPad drivers. This includes the following, HP commercial brands and enterprise laptops, tablets, ultra thin variants, and mobile workstation, G2, G4, G6, Elite X2, Elite Book, Thin Client, the Pro Book, Specter Pro, Stream, X360, and ZBook Mobile Workstation series. 

Reading this post will likely incite a sense of panic, but exercising proper precautions such as applying security patches manually or through Windows Updates, this should eliminate some of your concerns

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