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Apple Apologizes for Deliberately Slowing Down The iPhone and Offers a $29 Battery Replacement


If you're one of many pissed off consumers who currently own the iPhone 7, 7-Plus, 6 and 6-Plus by now you know the whole fiasco with Apple discretely throttling older iPhone's over time in order to keep their batteries from wearing out which is suppose to avoid unexpected shutdowns. What was suppose to be good intention from Apple is seen by many as being a shady business practice, which the company was not transparent.

A couple of class action law suits later, Apple finally decided to offer an apology, along with the apology Apple is reducing the price of the out-warranty iPhone battery replacement by $50-- from $79 to $29 for those with an iPhone 6 or later who's battery needs to be replaced, this offer starts in late January and will be available worldwide through December 2018.

In early 2018, Apple will issue an software update to iOS  who's features will allows users to view the health of their iPhone's battery, giving full access to what could be affecting the smartphones performance.

If you're one of many who's still holding onto their older iPhone's ( iPhone 6, 6-Plus and 7) this is a pretty a good time hop on this deal from Apple, although I think the company should offer new batteries free of charge. Nevertheless, at least Apple is addressing the problematic issue.


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