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Hardware Breakdown Presents: Star Wars Millennium Falcon


Normally when I do a Hardware Breakdown ever month, it almost always come in a form of a computer or hand held device. Just about any gadget that catches my eye and impresses me gets subjected to being profiled in the monthly feature. Here we are with something a little different in this months hardware breakdown,  with all the hype around the newly released movie The Last Jedi its only fitting to we go break apart the famed Millennium Falcon and see what makes this the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy go.

Design and modification

The Millennium Falcon is a YT-1300 light freighter class which have a very distinctive shape that come in the form into two convex saucers that's welded together, pair of front facing mandibles and a side mounted cockpit with steel viewing ports. Suffering from a barrage of breakdowns during battle, the Millennium Falcon have gone through many customization, like for for instance during the battle of Endor the signature circular military grade sensor dish was lost, you know the scene when the ship was going through the maze like tunnels in the Death Star. That dish was replaced with a more base like rectangular model which by the way was actually supplied on the ship.

falcon (1).jpg

The Actual Engines

Powering the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy are the Girodyne SRB42 engines which is another portion of the ship that was modified which have a SLAM overdrive that reroutes energy for acceleration bursts which enables the ship to fly at maximum speed measuring 1,050 per kilometer per hour ( 652 miles and hour) in any planets atmosphere and 3,000 G in space. The hyperdrive, the main feature the enables the Millennium Falcon to outrun the imperial bad guys is a YT-1300 series the replaces the Isu-Sim SSP05 Class 1 hyperdrive, equipped with a "Vandagante style" right into a Class 0.5 drive which makes the Falcon twice as fast as any Galactic Warship. Unique is the ship the is equipped with a backup hyperdrive.


The Shield and Hull

The fastest ship in the galaxy isn't without weapons, normally suited for much bigger warships, the falcon includes two CEC AG-2G quad laser cannons which have a enhanced laser actuators that's gas fed, which gives maximum range and damage. Right between the mandibles there are two Arakyd ST2 concussion missile tubes, each one of these tubes carry up to four-missile magazine. Added on is a Blastech AX-108 Buzzer blaster that's mounted near the ramp of the ship which aids boarding passengers while grounded in case ground threats approach the ship.

The ships hull is constructed from an salvaged plates Imperial cruiser giving the Falcon a class hull armor.


Protecting the ship from laser blasts is a deflector shield generator, the Torplex and Nordoxicon units which enables the ship to withstand blast from strong lasers and concussion missiles, all while the Kuat Drive Yards generator is shielding the stern.

Other features

Other important features on the Millennium Falcon is the main computer that's constructed out of three droid brains, a R3 series astromech, a V-5 transport and slicer droid. And it have a Gelieg 20m-cp Strobe/C-Beam lamps, which entirely illuminates the exterior of the ship.







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