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The JETech Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard For The iPad Mini Review

For the past couple of weeks or so I had it in my mind to purchase a wireless keyboard for my iPad Mini, mainly because I wanted to start penning most of my written content directly onto my tablet instead of my smartphone. Browsing on Amazon which I do everyday, to my surprise there are limitless choices of iPad Mini compatible Bluetooth keyboards to choose from. Not wanting to expend a great deal of money for a tablet peripheral, upon my search I discovered the JETech Bluetooth wireless keyboard, compatible with the iPad Mini generations 1-3, importantly it was within a reasonable price range at just $16.99. Since purchasing the JETech wireless keyboard, I've had time to grasp the whole concept of typing on much smaller keyboard. Is the JETech wireless Bluetooth worth buying? Follow along in this review and find out.

The entire keyboard is caste in aluminum, with a brush metal texture. Though sturdy in its appearance and feel, I suspect the JETech keyboard if you're not careful can be prone to scratches and dents, especially if you place it on rough textured surfaces. Putting a cloth or a even a piece paper of underneath the keyboard will most certainly prevent external damage.  My suggestion to JETech that they rubberize the bottom of the keyboard adding strength and durability.

This stylistically compact keyboard can also double as a protective cover for the iPad Mini which has a magnetize clip, lets talk about that because there are some issues here. Clipping the keyboard in place is not seamless, I found myself having to clip the keyboard in place with a little bit of force. Nevertheless, it does fit in place. As a cover, the keyboard adds a hinge of bulk and weight which for me takes away from the tablets sleek thin design. For me I much rather keep the keyboard separate from the iPad and use it when needed.  The popup stand within the JETech keyboard surprisingly secures the iPad Mini into its stand groove. While the tablet is in place, there is no hint wobbling while I'm on the move.  In its slanted position, images on the display is not obscured, for me perfect viewing angles.

The typing experience on the keyboard for me somewhat comfortable, though it took some getting use to. But I must forewarn you, if you by chance you plan on buying this keyboard and have monster size hands, this keyboard might not be for you. Even with normal or smaller hands, typing on the JETech keyboard may seem a bit constraint. Not acting as a tablet cover, I would likes to see this keyboard a tad bit longer, giving you extra typing real estate.

Actual typing on the keys is probably the biggest disappointment, it consistently lags when I hit certain keystrokes. Often times the character or letters will appear a second later on the display. Its safe to say responsiveness on these keystrokes are a bit lacking. Then we have the actual Bluetooth connection, setting up connection was seamless and rapid,  but once connected there were times the keyboard would lose signal, which lead me to power the keyboard down and reconnect it to the tablet again. An app which the JETech does not have would most  certainly cure its ills with software updates, which is another suggestion from yours truly.

Should you buy the JETech wireless Bluetooth keyboard? I'll say this, with this particular wireless keyboard you most certainly get what you pay, at $16.99. To answer the question without seeming like I'm avoiding an honest answer, I say go with a  more expensive option. Sometimes there's a price to pay when it comes to quality.

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