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What I Know About The AMD Ryzen Processor So Far

 AMD's launching of its highly anticipated Ryzen processor lineup is rapidly approaching. According to various sources, over a dozen different variants will be revealed. AMD's official market launch is set to take place on March 2nd. 

The upcoming launch of the Ryzen processor is probably the biggest release from AMD in over 10 years. It's no secret Intel's dominance in the chip industry is basically a long standing dynasty, like 90's Bulls type dynasty, putting AMD in the forgotten category. 

That's all about to change with the new Ryzen processor,  according to all the specs that's been displayed on the net, I think AMD are unleashing processors that will strongly rival what Intel currently have on the market, maybe softening Intel's reign of dominance in the industry a bit. Importantly, the price,which I'll cover to later will be well within reason.

AMD will release a full Ryzen CPU lineup which goes as follows: 17 95W-65W chips in total, with 8,6 and 4 core count, this gives consumers vast options to choose from. 


In detail,  the Ryzen processor lineup will include five 8-core 16-thread variant,  four 6-core 12 thread chips,  four quad-core 8-thread variant. All Ryzen CPUs will have overclocking ability.This means every single processor in their lineup will fully have a unlocked multiplier. 

The pricing of the Ryzen processor as I stated before is very reasonable, which is what you usually get with any AMD processor. Ranging from the low end AMD Ryzen 3 100 will be priced at just $129, to the high end AMD Ryzen 7 1800X priced at $499, this particular processor alone is on par with the Intel Core i7-6900K but outweighs it in cost at $1000.

AMD is prime and ready to take on Intel, even sway everyone's thinking that AMD is well, the other guy who make processors that lacks any sort of relevancy. With the Ryzen processor set to be launch in a few weeks, the desktop CPU market  I think will definitely go through a huge change in favor of AMD. Competition is good for consumers because it gives us a choice.

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