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Sony To Add External Hard Drive Support To PS4 and Boost Mode For The PS4 Pro

Raise your hand if you know the number one problem you'll face if you own a PS4, I'll raise my hand myself and say its the lack of storage space, 500 GB is not enough, even 1TB of storage space is still not enough. Some of the most well known gaming titles made for the PS4 use up an abundant amount of storage space. On average games demand at least 25GB of space, NBA 2K17 alone uses up a whopping 50GB of space ouch. So the solution is to get out screw driver and upgrade to another hard drive that has more storage space, you are indeed allowed that option which is why PS4 is such a great piece of machinery. Still, who wants to take the time to disengage a hard drive from the  PS4 just to install a new one with a larger storage capacity.

There is hope my staunch tech pundits, Sony is taking the wraps off of its latest firmware which will be version 4.50 "Sasuke" beta for your PS4 console. This new firmware, Sony is putting out will improve UI/UX improvements and will finally allow PS4 owners to use external storage with their console, let me repeat this again if by you need to wipe your eyes clean, you will now be able to plug in your external storage drive via USB to your PS4 console.

In detail, the new firmware will add support for any USB 3.0 hard drives ( or SSD) up to 8TB.  PS4 users with external drives will be able to store installed games, downloaded applications, screenshots and videos, and importantly it will show up on your main system menu right along with the local storage.

The "boost" mode upgrade for the PS4 Pro interestingly is currently in beta edition, reported titles such as The Evil and Just Cause 3 from gamer's are noticing much smoother frame rates and noticeable reduce stuttering. There are reports the boost mode will work with most PS4 games that were programmed with unlocked frame rates.

I don't know about you but I'm rather excited that Sony is moving in this direction, I myself can't want to receive my update. Owners of the PS4 and PS4 Pro should be on the look out for the beta Sasuke firmware update. 

Source: Sony

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