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The Core i3-7350K, What So Special About It

When you think of any Intel Core i3, processor, two words come mind, low end. Sure you would include it in any build, that is if you're trying to stay within a reasonable budget, otherwise it's a processor many season  PC builders such as myself will usually skip over for something more in the line of being  powerful. 

 The Intel's Kaby Lake 7th generation Core i3 processor offers something a bit different from other processors of this same variant. It's core clock speed is extremely fast, at 4 GHz,  though there are just two working cores ( dual-core) and no turbo boost,  there are 4 working threads. In detail, the processor contains Hyper-threading technology,  which means working threads can operate separately in each core, it has an updated multimedia engine and new transistor mix, which allows for a much higher clocks, consuming a minimal amount of power.

For those who love pushing hardware to the limit, the Core i3-7350 is unlocked, prime for overclocking. Past Core i3 processors multiplier is locked, limiting overclocking adjustment to the BCLK (Base Clock) frequency. 

This a processor that's price friendly at just $179 on Amazon, with an unlocked multiplier, can process up to 4 threads, I would definitely place the Kaby Lake Core i3 processor in the enthusiast category for those who want to partake in any hardware tweaks.

Lets a close  things out by examining the following specs on this processor;

It has a base clock of about 4.2GHz, it has a TDP just 60W, 4MB of L2 cache withi, 128K of L1 ( 64k per core), 512KB of L2 cache ( 256k per core) and 4MB of L3.

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