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The Hardware Breakdown: LG G6 SmartPhone

The LG G6 released last week for consumer purchased thus far have generated some positive reviews from various publications who had the honor of gaining access to such device, all singing high grade of praises, and it's the reason it makes this new installment of Hardware Breakdown. 

 I want add before we kick things off that the design of the LG G6 is oddly different  in that it has a very thin bezel, which you're probably thinking it's nothing we haven't seen before as several manufacturers are rocking this trend.  I say oddly because unlike what you've witnessed with the Samsung Galaxy S8, though it has thin bezel, the device overall is very thin and hand manageable. LG G6 on the other hand is much thicker than its competitor, viewing the thin bezel from a far actually camaflougaes the overall thickness of the device. 

The design of the LG G6 is very unique and impressive,  but its all about what's inside,  the hardware, for me the determining factor whether or not a smart phone is worth the purchase. And if plan of purchasing an LG G6 smartphone, it will definitely be an expensive purchase.  

Anyway, lets use our imagination here and crack open the LG G6, lets take a close examination at all its working components. 

This brings us to Hardware

LG choice to not implement the  Qualcom 830 chipset is somewhat head scratching, instead chose to stick with Qualcom 821, which in no way  a bad thing as the chipset  incorporates some of the fastest mobile processors around. It has a quad-core engine (processor) that includes 2 x Kryo a 2.35GHz core clock speed, and 1 x Kyra that clocks up to 1.2GHz, the beautiful graphics that's on the display is due in part to the Adreno 530 graphics processor that's embedded inside. 

In the memory department, it has  4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, storage within the LG G6 is plentiful coming in at 32GB, if that's not enough you have the option of going with the 64GB variant, with an expandable microSD slot that goes up to 2TB.


 Image capturing

The LG G6 is one of the few smartphones on the market that I know of have dual rear cameras. Both  cameras rocks 13MP with the primary camera having a f/1.8 aperture lens,  a 70 degree field of view, the other camera have a wide angle lens, a f/2.4 aperture, with a 125 degree field of view. Both cameras capture video in 2160p in 30fps.

Flip it over to the front side, 5MP bit puzzling here as it's competitor Samsung up the ante in pixels by 3 totaling 8MP. Still with front facing camera capable of recording video in 1080p,30fps, capturing video will definitely not be a reduction in quality.

No doubt the LG G6 will capture impeccable quality images that  will be on the same level as the iPhone 7 Plus and two levels below the Pixel XL.


Battery Life

My issue with smartphone continues to really bug me. As hardware improve, the need for the added juice is a given, 3000 mAh for me is not enough, especially if your like me who uses their mobile device at a constant.

 With theLG G6, it encases a 3,300 mAh Li-Po battery that's non-removable. It has all the battery charging additives that's needed in a high end smartphone, starting with QuickCharge 3.0 and is wireless charge capable. 

In reading published benchmark tests via web,there is written claims of the LG G6 getting full 8.1 hours in web browsing via WiFi, 22 hours of 3G talk time, 10:27h of video playback. These numbers are pretty impressive, but one must take into consideration when dealing with smartphones of the LG G6 magnitude, that's 4G connection, high end hardware,Super AMOLED displays,  Bluetooth connection, all are contributing factors of life reduction in battery. 


Connect Me

The G6 does have 4G LTE, but in breaking down its networking technology even further, it supports Cat. LTE that's courtesy of Qualcom's modem with a 3 carrier system. 

Then there's WiFi which the LG G6  and of course it supports WiFi access with WiFi direct and DLNA. There's a an added wireless screen sharing feature that supports both Mirada and Chromecast devices. An as with all mobile devices the LG G6 is Bluetooth enable, version 4.1.


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