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Acer Unveils Two Gaming Laptops, The Predator Triton 700 and Helio 300: Here's What You Need To Know

Topic: Gaming Notebooks

In the past with Acer, the first thing you thought of was they're the guys who manufactured what I would call low end computers, most of which were laptops. Needed a laptop that fell within reasonable budget say $400 or less, chances are you went with an Acer. Low budget laptops from Acer were certainly plentiful, but in present day that has all change. In the past couple of years the Taiwanese hardware and electronics corp have unleashed some pretty impressive laptops. 

This brings us to their latest creation that has one such as myself buzzing with excitement, the Predator Triton 700 and Predator Helios 300, both are super high end gaming laptops equipped with Intel Kaby Lake processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-Series graphics cards.

First lets see what the Predator Triton 700 have to offer because its probably the star of the two, it frame is pretty compact coming in at just 0.74 inch thick which is pretty impressive considering the hardware that's packed inside. The Predator Triton 700 is fully encased in aluminum and has a FHD IPS display sporting NVIDIA's own G-SYNC technology.

The hardware inside is indeed impeccable, starting with Intel's own 7th generation Kaby Lake Core processors, pairing up with 32GB of 2400MHz DDR4 memory. Future purchasers are allowed to configure two NVMe PCIe SSD in RAID-0 configuration, and you'll have a choice from NVIDIA GeForce GTX Series graphics cards.

What's a high end gaming laptop if it doesn't have a  RGB-backlit mechanical keyboard which the Predator Triton 700 have with the bottom row keys positioned along laptop's edge. The touchpad is covered in Gorilla Glass which is interestingly positioned right between the top row keys and bottom of the display. The glass panel which allows one to view the inner workings of its hardware, giving you a glimpse at the AeroBlade 3D fans and five heat pipes which makes up the overall cooling setup.

On the connection front, because what laptop don't have connectivity, this particular model comes fully stocked with two USB 3.0 ports ( no USB 3.1), a single USB 2.0 port, Thunderbolt 3, HDMI 2.0, a single DisplayPort, for Internet connection its rocking Killer DoubleShot Pro networking.



Then we have Acer's other unveiled gaming laptop, the Helios 300 series, its available in 15.6-inch and or 17.3-inch form factors, both of these laptops will feature FHD displays. Displays being powered by  GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or GefOrce GTX 1060, and will be overclockable. Choices of either the Core i5-7300HQ or Core i7-770HQ Intel processors, both Helios variants will come with the standard 16GB of RAM with 32GB as an option. The Helios 300 you won't have the speedy storage subsystem that's present on the Triton 700, instead you'll have SATA interfaces that will include both SSD and HDD.

Oddly, connectivity on the Helios laptops will feature USB 3.1 Type-C,  one single USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 and a single HDMI 2.0 port, the networking options will be pretty standard with it having a  GbE and 802.11ac.

Availability for the Predator Triton 700 will be in August having a with hefty start price at $2,999. While the 15.6-inch and 17.3 inch Helios 300 will be land to market on July with start prices coming in at $1,299 and $1,399

Source: Acer

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