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WD Unviels The My Passport External SSD Blazing Fast In Capacities Up 1TB

Once upon a time Western Digital were the biggest providers of spinning drives, if you were constructing a PC, chances are you went with a WD hard drive. Over the years we've seen  WD prioritize their efforts in manufacturing high performing SSD's ( by the way they do still make spinning drives), pushing their Blue,Green, and Black line.  Also included in their war chest of storage drives is their external line, which surprisingly aren't SSD's, it encases the spinning drives. That's all about to change. 

Western Digital introduces their very first external solid state drive, the My Passport. WD main mission here is to not just provide a external SSD, but have it closely perform like its internal line in regards to speed and durability. The My Passport external SSD will option you with a 256GB variant, 512GB, and 1TB.

Read/Write speeds is always the determing factor in the performance of a solid state drive. In regards to speed, the My Passport external SSD is almost on par with their internal mates with speeds up to 515MB/sec, data transfer all achieved through USB Type-C interfacing. Now if by chance your computer is not outfitted with a USB Type-C, Western Digital is kind enough to provide consumers with an all included USB-C to USB-A adapter right in the box.

Along with My Passport having top tier speed, it also provides a high level encryption, 256-bit AES. Its also can withstand drops in upwards to about six feet and can take punishing forces up to 1500 G's.

The price range for the My Passport will go for $99.99 for the 256GB,  $199.99 for the 512GB and $199.99 for the 1TB drive. Like most external drives you have on the market, My Passport is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems respectively, and includes Backup software provided by WD. The My Passport is currently available right now, you can go right on Western Digital website and place your order, backed by a three year warranty.






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