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Seasonic PRIME 1200W Gold Power Supply: The Hardware Pick Of The Month


Here's an idea I just randomly thought of on the fly because I'm always thinking of content to post on this website that will peak the interest of the readers. Lets face it, whether you're a computer enthusiast such as myself, a gadget hound, or just a consumer who from time to time dig deep into the wallet to purchase and own tech, from one consumer to another its my responsibility to recommend what I think would be the perfect gadget or hardware worth purchasing. Let's break in this new feature in and kick things off with my hardware pick of the month: the Seasonic PRIME 1200W Power Supply.

Just for the sake of throwing out general information, Sea Sonic is an electronic company that's been the business of making power supplies since the early 80's. They're one of the most reputable manufacturers around. 

Seasonic series of PRIME power supplies was introduced last year with several of their flagships being the Titanium units, and according to written published reviews, one of them being PC Perspective, they're one of the best power supply units around. The Seasonic also produce PRIME Series Platinum and Gold level certification power supply units. I've actually used the Platinum 650W edition in one of my previous builds, so I can attest to its greatness. The power supply unit in focus in this post is the PRIME 1200W gold. 

The PRIME 1200W  power supply unit comply with a 80-Plus Gold rating, this means you're guaranteed power efficiency even under maximum workload. Aside from that, this particular power supply unit is also fully modular,  this means the power cables aren't permanently attached to the unit. 

The power supply is constructed to output a very tight voltage regulation on three primary rails (+3.3V, +5V and +12V)  giving you excellent AC ripple and noise suppression. Speaking of which,  as I stated a few paragraphs back, I've used Seasonic power supply in one of my past builds and I must say, it runs very quiet. Adding to its extreme silence, you have a very quiet cooling fan that have Fluid Dynamic Bearings. What's already a pretty impressive power supply unit, Seasonic also giving consumers a 12-year warranty.

The PRIME 1200W power supply retails for $199, now if  1200W might be a bit much in terms of wattage and pricing, then you're in luck because Seasonic also have 850W, 750W and 650W falling under the same 80-Plus Gold certification.


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