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Microsoft Brings You The Surface Laptop Running Windows 10 S

I've had a couple days to digest Microsoft's unveiling of the Surface Laptop, and I got to say this piece of machinery is quite impressive.  It's potential purchasing target is the students, more on that later. 

Here's the gist of what you need to know, the Windows Surface laptop is that, a laptop who's main feature isn't its encased hardware, but it's eye pleasing ultra thin aesthetics. Serious sharp edges lends itself to being very compact. Integrated aluminum finish to the rear portion of the laptop offers a refine look to the device overall. The color schemes will come in fours, starting with Platinum, Graphite Gold, Burgundy, and Cobalt blue. 

The physical dimensions of the Surface Laptop measures in at 13.5 inches, weight coming in at just 2.76 pounds. 

When you're discussing laptops like this of hyped magnitude, you can't leave the display or hardware out of the conversation. First the hardware, it rocks the latest 7th generation Intel Core i7 and i5 processor, up to 16GB of RAM, up to 512GB SSD. Pixels on the 13.5-inch display are plentiful,  3.4 million to be exact, with a 2556 x 1504 resolution 201 ppl. Not just a display for viewing purpose, but its also touchscreen all made possible by Microsoft's own PixelSense technology.

Battery life, the one constant that seems to disappoint me with any device that uses some form of lithium battery. With the Surface Laptop, there's promise from Microsoft that the battery within the device will have 14.5hours of power off of one single charge. 

About the OS? Aside from the Surface Laptop design which I love by the way,  Windows 10 S is the main attraction that has everyone like myself buzz with curiosity. Not to be mistaken for Windows 10 the full version variant, Windows 10 S is a stripped down version geared towards the students. This is Microsoft attempt to tap into a market that has seen success from Google with their ChromeBook laptops. 

 If I had to sum up tow words in describing Windows 10 S, I'd say it's lite and simplistic. Only running Windows Store apps that includes Office 365, Microsoft main focus here is to ensure rapid performance,  faster boot times and security. According to Microsoft, schools using Windows 10 S need not worry about any vulnerabilities that usually comes with running older Windows apps outside the app store. Future purchasers of the Surface Laptop have the option to ditch Windows 10 S altogether and upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, a deal Microsoft is offering up until the end of 2017.  If the stripped down OS just doesn't meet your standards you could just wipe the hard drive clean and install Windows 10, which is a preference I would make if I just so happen to purchase the Surface Laptop.

The start price for the Surface Laptop goes for $999 on up, definitely not for the budget conscious student, more like for the student looking for the a premium device that fall in the lines of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Nonetheless, the Surface Laptop should still see success for those plan on using it to acquire an education.

The Surface Laptop is now up for pre-order, with shipping expected to take place on June 15th.

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