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Corsair Unveils The GLAIVE RGB Gaming With a Omron Mechanical Switch

Corsair is a company that makes all things connected to a computer,  just recently unveiled a mouse that's infuses a Omron-based mechanical switch. This mouse by Corsair is GLAIVE with  RGB lighting, its made specifically for right handed asymmetric individuals, so lefties need not apply if you so desire to purchase this piece of computer peripheral. For right handed folks like myself, the mouse includes three different thumb grips, which Corsair claims will give you a variety of feelings and comfort.

The switch rates over 50,000,000 clicks, with PixArt created sensors. The DPI ( dots per inch) ranges between 100 and 16,00, its values stored, within 8MB of memory. Here';s innovation for you, all the lighting effects and macros are stored within that very same memory chip. This all means you won't have to worry about button binding flip after system boot up. Present are six programmable buttons on the device and the mouse wheel are constructed out of aluminum with a firm rubberize grip.

Want the GLAIVE RGB mouse? Its now available on Amazon listed for just $69.99


Source: Corsair and PC Perspective

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