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The Hardware Breakdown Presents: Xbox One X

The Xbox One X has a nice ring to it don't it? It was just highlighted at this year's E3 developers conference which is still ongoing  as I write this article. Anyway, though I'm a PS4 loyalist, the Xbox One X, formerly known as Project Scorpion, have some pretty impressive hardware buried inside the matte black coated box like gaming console. 

Let's begin dissecting the Xbox One X and first examine the  AMD Jaguar processor which up its clock speed from 1.7GHz  to 2.3GHz with 8 working cores ( octa core setup), miles ahead the Xbox One who processor have a 1.75GHz clock speed and 6 working cores. 

The  Xbox One is capable of outputting 4K content, this means you'll need a chip that can handle the extra bandwidth. Good news,  Microsoft got you covered, embedded is a powerful AMD chip that's on par with most discrete graphics cards that's found in most high-end gaming PC's. It boasts 40 compute units each running at 1172MHz, much faster than what the PS4 have to offer, its compute units runs at 911MHz. The One X will have 12GB of GDDR5 ( compare to 8GB  that's within the PS4 Pro) VRAM,  sporting  a total of  326GB/s memory bandwidth, with 9GB being dedicated to games and 3GB to the system.

On the memory front, the Xbox One X will have plenty of it, sporting  12GB DDR5 RAM which in itself is quite impressive considering most, if not all computers today are still using  DDR4 memory modules.  As for storage, as far as I know your only choice is 1TB by default which is plenty of drive space. The One X will  contain an AMD media blocks, this  allows players to capture games in 4K with HDR, and HD Blu-ray.

In using Forza MotorSport 7 to benchmark the Xbox One X, Micro$oft claims its 4K capable console can run true 4K set and locked at 60fps. Microsoft states that it is mandatory every single Xbox One X title run similar frame rates or higher than what's standard. There Should be no concern with with 4K content impacting any frame rates. 

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