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The New iPad Pro Outperforms The Mac Pro In Recent Benchmark Tests

Topic:Tablet Benchmarks

Barefeats is a website that mainly covers Apple products recently conducted benchmark test on the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and to the surprise of many and myself included, compared to the  2016 13-inch MacBook Pro benchmark numbers the slate outperformed Apple's flagship notebook.

Impressive benchmark numbers from the iPad Pro is made possible by its beefed up hardware that sports very powerful 2.39GHz A10X fusion chipset, 4GB of RAM, and a quad-core GPU. 

In the Geek bench 4 Multi core CPU we see a 9332 score,  while the 13-inch MacBook Pro using the same benchmark application posted a 8509 score.  In the Geekbench 4-Metal GPU Compute Score test, the iPad Pro posted a 27814 score,  27631 score for the MacBook Pro. Moving on to the GFXBench-Metal Manhattan FPS test, the 10-inch iPad Pro scored a 42 FPS and for the MacBook Pro it scored a 36 FPS. Finally we have the GFXBench-Metal T-Rex FPS test, once again the iPad Pro outperforms the MacBook Pro posting a 215 score to 199.

This proves one thing, obviously the new iPad Pro is a powerful tablet, but  the iOS software optimizes perfectly with its hardware. The same can be said about the current gen iPhone (iPhone 7 and Plus),  it to have software that seems to run smoothly over hardware resulting in impressive benchmark scores.

Now the iPad Pro is very limited in terms of functionality, in the end MacBook Pro will always be the laptop of choice for the power user. The iPad  in particularly the iPad Pro will always be regarded as the best tablet on the market.


Source: Barefeats

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