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Ahead Of Threadripper Launch AMD Price Drops On AMD Ryzen 7 Prcoessors

If you have you ear to the tech streets then you should know that AMD are planning on launching an all new enthusiast platform some time this summer. When will the launch take place remains a mystery, but its coming for sure. AMD is taking a proactive approach to their Ryzen 7 lineup by making room for a whole new platform. In doing that chip maker have made major price reduction of its three Ryzen 7 1800X, 1700X, and 1700 processor, drastically dropping their prices making it very difficult for consumers to pass up on these deals that I'm about to show you.

Venture off to Amazon and Newegg website you'll find Ryzen 7 processors retailing as low as $455, $349 and $299 respectively. You can even find the 1800X on eBay for as low as $429 and 1700X,  on the very same site going for just $309. The 14% price slash to the 1800X compared to $499 first day launch and you have a jaw dropping 23% price decrease to the 1700X compared to its $399 first day launch.

Ryzen 7 processors these days are widely popular with the masses, the performance of these chips rivals what Intel have to offer and price reasonable compared to Intel prices. The new pricing from AMD will definitely attract more consumers to their Ryzen 7 lineup. At nearly a $100 price reduction the Ryzen 7 1700X alone is certainly an attractive offer to anyone looking to construct a system without taking a big hit to the wallet.

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