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The Consumer Gadget Pick Of The Month: Lenovo ThinkPad T470's

What makes the Lenovo ThinkPad T470 my recommended consumer pick of the month of June? Let me explain in so many words. First off there's the design, its nicely compact with sharply squared corners. The entire chassis is constructed out of carbon fiber with color schemes of choice beingsilver and black. I myself prefer black because black carbon fiber devices have that nice sleek appearance.  The T470 is probably the lightest laptop on the market weighing in at just 2.9 pounds. 

The keyboard placement on any ThinkPad is the best in the business, placed perfectly near the display, leaving you enough room to rest your hand for a comfortable typing experience. Lifting the ultra thin lid up you'll notice back lighting on key caps which if I'm not mistaken users have the option to adjust its brightness levels. Aside from the laptops award-winning ergonomic design, the ThinkPad T470 retains its signature red point tracking mouse that's situated in its usual place,  which is directly in the middle of the keys, I mean what's a Thinkpad without it.

I certainly can't leave out hardware specs from this discussion, the T470 hardware falls nothing short of impeccable. Lets start with the processor, it sports a Kaby Lake Intel-Core i5-7300U processor, for storage, present is NVMe SSD  with 256GB storage capacity, on the memory front, there's 8GB of RAM. The ThinkPad T470 1920 X 1080 HD display is powered by Intel's own HD Graphics 620 chip, bummer that there's no discrete graphics card embedded within this laptop which would've added more price value, with the laptop having 8GB of RAM it will definitely handle some of the video workload. Probably the devices downfall for me is the webcam, its 720p that's living in a 4K world. Even today's smartphones is capable is capturing video in 1080P HD or higher.

For me a good laptop is not all about performance and hardware, but its about having accessible features. The Think Pad T470 have plenty of features, having a myriad of ports on the left and right side of the laptop. First the right side, there's the Smart card reader, 1-ThunderBolt 3 port, 2 USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet, and a SIM card. The the laptop around to the left side you have the power connector port, USB 3.0, a headphone jack, and a SD card slot.

The Lenovo ThinkPad T470 have a lot of good things going on, which is a good thing and expected, it comes from a long of pedigree in terms of top tier quality and lasting power. The laptop have everything I'm looking for in a great portable machine. Its nicely compact with a semi thin design, it'll probably fit snugly into any knapsack without any space being compromised. Most importantly the hardware is not to shabby, there's actually enough under the hood that manage some mid-level gaming.

 The Lenovo  ThinkPad series are a big with the business types and students, the T470s will certainly continue that trend. 



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