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The iMac Pro Revaled: Here's What You Need To Know

Apple just held its annual WWDC, as usual the main theme here is to unveil upcoming products and software updates. One such product that have a drawn my interest is the new iMac Pro. So what you need to know about Apple’s newest all-in-one desktop? It retains it's signature sleek design and the entire chassis decked out with a space gray color scheme. But wait, there's more iMac Pro technical information, so read on.

  As Apple keeps the same design,  I'm sure no complaints will be filed from the masses, but its under the hood of the iMac Pro is where all changes have taken place as there is a complete overhaul in hardware. The the 21-inch variant comes with a 8-Core and 10-Core Intel Xeon processor. If that's not enough processing power and you thirst for more, the 27 inch model takes it to the max with a 18-Core Xeon processor. Rest of the hardware specs goes as follows, 1TB SSD storage with an option configuration up to  2TB or 4TB. On the memory front,  you have access to 32GB of ECC 2666MHz DDR4 RAM, also as configurable option you can increase your RAM to 64GB and 128GB. 

Keeping all that impressive hardware nice and frosty, Apple overhauls their cooling setup with a new Dual Centrifugal design fans. The main purpose of having this type of cooling configuration is to increase airflow. 

For me the biggest selling point with iMacs has always been its beautifully crisp display, the new iMac Pro certainly doesn't disappoint as the display is 5K retina supporting 5120 x 2880 resolution, with a 500 nits of brightness, with over one billion known colors. Apple claims its display is 43% brighter than previous models . Powering all 14.7 million pixels is the Radeon's own Pro Vega 56 graphic processor, it has 8GB of HBM2 memory, consumers have the option to go with the Radeon Pro Vega 64 graphic chip doubling the amount gigs, equaling 16GB.  The graphic chip will provide 11 teraflops of computing performance.

The iMac Pro have count em,  4-Thunderbolt 3 ports that can support up to two 5K  displays. Connecting to the Internet is about be blazing fast as there is a  built-in 10 Gigabit Ethernet port, wireless connection made possible via 802.11ac WiFi networking and probably one of few devices on the market that have Bluetooth 4.2 as most device are still under the 4.0 standard.

 Apple is claiming that the iMac Pro is the most powerful computer ever assembled, in examining the hardware specs that boasted claim may be true. Accessing this powerful machine will come at an expensive cost, start price aggressively listed at $4999, want that top tier spec'd out system, that'll run you $7,000 large. Clearly Apple's consumer target is the video editor and CGI animator who needs the raw power and have very deep pockets.

Shipment for the iMac Pro will begin in December. 


One a side note: The new iMac Pro is VR capable.....

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