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The 120Hz Refresh Rate On The iPad Pro: What Does It All Mean?

Topic: Graphic technology

I have big admiration for the iPad, yes I've owned a few since its inception, but its a tablet that's done right, very much imitated, but never duplicated. In my opinion Apple has created the best hand held slate on the market ,and I'm sure most will agree.

 The new iPad Pro which was unveiled at WWDC this past Tuesday have me even more stoked with admiration than any tablet Apple have created, why you ask? It's that display. Newly added features to the display makes the tablet more brighter and animated than ever.

Of course the iPad Pro retains it's usual retina display technology, giving you assured visual crispiness. Its implemented with ProMotion technology, which is a technical way of saying the display have a 120Hz refresh rate instead of the usual 60Hz  found on most mobile devices today. 

Faster refresh rates at 120Hz means "inking" with the sold separately Apple Pencil will be much faster and smoother. The Apple Pencil will be even more responsive with an insanely high latency measuring 20-milliseconds, this will allow users to have fluidity in their drawings.

The huge upgrade to the new iPad Pro display is made possible with Apple's latest A10X Fusion processor, offering a very solid 40 percent improvement in graphics performance compared the latter gen models which has A9X processor.

With the new iPad Pro having a 120Hz refresh rate, you'll have less blurred images and distortion, making it the top selling point for the interested consumer.

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