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The Best Camera You'll Ever Own Is Right In Your Pocket

Today it's safe to say that trustee smartphone you have in your pocket is a multifaceted tool that have limitless functions,  I myself call it the ultimate pocket computer.  Smartphones today now have quad-core processors, an exuberant amount of storage space that caps out at 128GB. Then there's the gorgeous Super AMOLED display. The hardware within the smartphone certainly justifies it being dubbed a pocket PC. Today if you said the smartphone is an luxury item it would be direct insult to a device that's become a necessary need. Try going a full day without your smartphone, I'm sure symptoms of withdrawal will start to set in. The smartphone is needed to perform and complete everyday tasks such as checking emails, paying off bills, view video content, even shop online.

Aside from the obvious, the internal hardware and software, for some individuals the camera on the smartphone is the biggest selling point and rightfully so, for the vast majority its the most utilize feature on the device, especially  for those picture taking selfie hounds. Have you noticed the high quality HD imagery captured on these smartphones? That's all due in part to a much improved camera specs that sports a bigger sensor, implemented image stabilization, and phase detection auto-focus and a high dosage of mega pixels.  Most smartphones today that fall in the high end category are now capable of shooting videos in 4K. So yes, mobile devices have come a long way since the days of the 1.3MP camera on the old Motorola flip phones.

With all of its improved features and specs on a smartphone camera, it has all but nullify the point-and-shoot pocket camera.

With that said, lets put together a little experiment conducted by yours truly and compare a series of images I've captured using both my smartphone ( Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge) and my DSLR camera ( Cannon Rebel T3) . The whole basis of this experiment is see how these images mirrors each other in terms of picture quality.

Lets examine each picture in depth. What do the eyes see?


Canon T3 Rebel                                                                                          Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge



Canon T3 Rebel                                                                             Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge



Canon T3 Rebel                                                               Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge



Canon T3 Rebel

                                                                                                                        Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge

Both devices do an excellent job in capturing the moment, honestly if you were to quickly glance at all the images I've posted you probably wouldn't be able determine which image was shot from either the DSLR camera or smartphone. But if you really closely examine the images above, while shooting pictures under direct sunlight the Canon T3 Rebel does a good job at capturing the deep black shadows, dynamic range is also evidently better than what you have with probably any smartphone. Moving onto the Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge, the images though nicely crisp, there is a tinge of saturation. Bring your eyes over to the images that have flowers and the Android figurine, both devices do a good job at capturing objects that is vibrantly colored. The greens and pinks definitely grabs the visuals, do you not see the detail rust colored corrosion on the old can paint can? 

In conclusion to this little experiment I've conducted, I definitely proved that the smartphone is indeed one of the best cameras you'll ever own based on the images I presented you in this post, but it most certainly not an eventual replacement over the DSLR camera as it trumps the smartphone camera in overall specs and features. If you're that novice weekend photographer looking to capture  that perfect picturesque shot from any camera of sorts,  you best go with the DSLR. Not looking to spend a great deal of cash on a quality camera, then your second and best option is your smartphone




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