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The Fractal Design New Meshify C ATX PC Case: Lets Talk About It

Things are about to get a little Meshy with Fractal Design, I know it was a very lame headway to the article, but I'm making reference to Fractal Design new Meshify C ATX PC case. Shrouded in a Metalic mesh design makes this PC case quite different from what we're used to seeing from Fractal simplistic design, having  standout features such as sound damping material, anodized aluminum front panels, light in weight and importantly price is wallet friendly. 

Yes, Meshify C ATX is quite different indeed, front panel sporting a angular mesh design that forms the shape of diamonds, a design which Fractal claims will increase airflow. The star feature on Meshify C Chassis for me is its distinctive tinted tempered glass that's on the right side of the case, giving users full interior visibility of all working components.  The main theme here with Meshify C PC case is its streamlined open air design ensuring key components get a full intake of air. 

Signature compact footprint design is main staple with Fractal.  Decked out with some pretty interesting useful features, starting with the easily accessible front panel connections that's placed on the very top of the chassis displaying the headphone jack, two USB 3.0 headers along with the power and reset buttons. The mesh panel that covers the top is fasten in place via magnetic strips. Moving over to the bottom of the case we have a full length dust filter, which I would say is rather convenient considering dust have a tendcency  to accumulate in mass abundance in the bottom of the case. You also have dust filters in full length in the front and side of the case, with an optional intake fan.

Moving over to the rear panel we have a removable power supply flange, with an exhaust fan mount that slides allowing access to seven expansion slots with screw-on covers. The exhaust fan screw slot give builders plenty of space for single-fan radiators, the power supply flange itself with ease allow users to insert the unit through rear of the PC case. 

In snapping off the Meshify C face panel you'll find a dust foam filter and a front panel mount that allows users to install 3-120mm or 2-140mm radiators and fans. By default  includes a single 120mm fan. The 5.4-inch removable panel gives room access to convert the Meshify C so it can support a much larger radiator. The 3.5-inch drive cage can easily be extracted from the top thanks in part to the panel being very large, which is needed if you have intentions of installing 3-120mm radiator or a bottom intake fan.

On the very bottom of the case there's two 3.5-inch trays with 2.5-inch secondary mounting holes which lies right above the mentioned dust tray. Following along trends,  most chassis manufacturers are incorporating a full-length power supply shroud who's main purpose is to conceal the entire drive cage and excess cables, this gives a nice clean exterior with limitless airflow. 

The physical dimensions of the Meshify C ATX PC case goes as follows: at length it measures 15.5-inches, 8.5-inches at width and 17.3-inches in height. The case is pretty hefty in weight which is expected at 14.3 pounds, but that's expected considering all of its added features.

So I'm guessing with a case like the Meshify C and all its features that it grant it's consumers you're thinking it maybe be an expensive price point, surprisingly it retails for just $89.99 on New Egg. Now some re-sellers are selling this PC case $20-$30 more than the manufacturers price, so interested consumers beware.





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