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Quietly Gigabyte Reveals The GeForce GTX 1080 ITX Graphics Card

Topic: ITX Graphics card


With AMD and Intel settling down with all their new releases of processors and graphics card, its safe the say its a quiet time in the PC hardware realm. Presently smartphones are dominating the news with both LG and Samsung recently unveiling their flagship devices, with Apple on the verge of revealing their next gen iPhone. WIth all that happening, Gigabyte quietly unveils their new GeForce GTX 1080 Mini ITX graphics card.

Being the worlds smallest GTX 1080 Graphics card, it still maintains its Pascal GPU which has been in existence for a year now and going strong as its the top choice for most system builders.


Despite its miniature stature at just 26.7cm (10-inches) , the GeForce GTX 1080 Mini packs some computation power featuring a 1607MHz base clock and 1733MHz respectively in Gaming Mode, then levels up to 1632MHz abd 1771MHz respectively in OC Mode.

The big advantage in having much bigger graphics card is the extra cooling it packs. Thankfully, the Mini GTX 1080 have a uniquely custom-design setup that features three authentic copper pipes combine with a 90mm fan, with an added 3D Active technology. Gigabyte states the compact design aids in effectively dispersing heat without an hindrance in  gaming performance even though the graphics card will likely be outfitted in much smaller compact chassis.


As with most gaming cards manufactured by Gigabyte, its guarantee to have a AORUS Graphics Engine which will feature the one-click overclocking within an simplified interface.

At this very time there is no listed price or release date which is a bummer, once information is posted, I'll give an update via social media.

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