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Tekspecz Tweaks Presents: How To Secure Your Webcam For Just $9


We all know anything that even sniffs the world wide web its vulnerable to any sort of attacks from your not friendly neighborhood hacker, your smartphone, PC's, wireless routers, all are susceptible to malware attacks. That's why it's very important to thwart hackers from accessing your Internet ready devices by all means necessary.

 Hackers main purpose is to steal as much valuable information as they can, and they're using Malware to breach your system. One of the biggest malware threats that should be taken seriously is webcam hacks. Not only is it a major threat, but it is very easy for hackers to gain access to any webcam without alerting any computer user.  One such Malware familiar to those in the tech community is Blackshades, the name has villainous tone, don't it? It should, hackers main intent when using this software is to activate your webcam and monitor your every move. In detail, this malicious software behaves as a Remote Access Tool (RAT), which allows any attacker to gain full access and control of any computer once installed, affecting most Windows based systems, even Apple systems are not impervious to such attacks.


Now you know the gist of what the Blackshades malware is capable of doing and its dangerous potential, fear not,  there is preventive measures you can take to ward off prying eyes from Internet. No specialize software or hardware tweak is needed, grab some duct tape and pair of scissors and follow the instructions below. 

Noteworthy!!!  Assuming you have anti-virus software on your system, periodically run updates, and importantly run Windows security updates which Microsoft puts out every Tuesday of the month.

This tweak I'm about demonstrate to you does not require you to have a high degree of technical now how,  just 5 mins of your precious time is all that's needed and patience.


Step 1: The Duct Tape  

First up, take  a roll duct tape, if by chance you don't have one lying around house, you can purchase it from you respective vendors for just $2.99, tear off about 3-4 inches of tape. 



Step 2:  The Scissors

Take the scissors ($4.99) and cut a small strip of the duct tape, small enough so that it discreetly covers the webcam.



Step 3: The Placement  

Carefully place the tape over your webcam, now try not to rub your fingers over the tape to assure it sticks, you don't want the glue from the tape to cover up the lens to the webcam. 

  All Done!!

OK, putting tape over the tablet and smartphone cam is a bit much, but hey, you never know

OK, putting tape over the tablet and smartphone cam is a bit much, but hey, you never know


Putting tape over your cam should be an added security measure PC users should take that will cost you next to nothing ( $9.00) . I'm sure you have duct tape and scissors lying around the junk draw in your house and don't even know it. The mission here is to be proactive, beat hackers to punch. If hackers do breach your webcam, provided that you follow my instructions, they'll be in for a big surprise.

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