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Straight Outta CES 2018: Three Impressive Tech That Wowed Me


Once again I failed to attend CES which is now 50 years old. If you don't know what CES is its acronym for Consumer Electronic Show (C.E.S.). Its a  technology trade show held every year around the first week in January. Tech pundits by the masses get to view just about every single  technology driven gadget that's put on display, from smartphones, TV's, to  computers and cars. Some of which are concept prototypes that will never fall into the hands of consumers. Most of these gadgets though will probably make their market debut in the coming months.

Though I wasn't an attendee at CES, doesn't mean I was not part of festive event. There were plenty of tech publications that afforded tech die-hards such as myself with a bevy of articles, images and video. I came away very impressed with some of the tech that were displayed at CES, so impressed I listed three that really wowed me.

And they are....

Synaptics Clear ID Fingerprint Reader


Normally you wouldn't see biometric security make its round at CES, but Synaptics Clear ID Fingerprint reader was probably the most newsworthy tech to come out of the trade show. Unlike the more traditional fingerprint reader on a smartphone which comes in a form of a physical button, the fingerprint reader featured on the Vivo smartphone is a optical sensor that  is placed under the display and peers right directly through the gap between the OLED dots recognizing the pattern of your fingerprint. 

Operating like any other bio metric sensors except the only difference is it no longer needs dedicated space. Big advantage in having this type of bio metric tech is manufacturers don't have to worry about trying to figure out where to place the fingerprint reader. Don't call this a CES concept tech as the Synaptic fingerprint reader is already being mass produced. In 2018 you should see upcoming smartphones embed the new technology, with Vivo being the first. Just ask Note 8 users if they rather have this type of finger print reader, I'm certainly raising my hand.

Sennheiser HD 820


Its rather odd for me to post headphones on this list being that I would have to actually listen out for sound quality.  Sennheiser does have a reputation of producing headphones that output excellent audio quality. What mesmerizes me about the Sennheiser new HD 820 headphones is the overall design, past iteration have a open back, but this particular brand have close back that's constructed out of the famed Gorilla Glass, which should aid in giving users total sound isolation. You'll have to wait until the summer of 2018 to access these audio beauts, and won't be cheap at a whopping $2,400 price point.

Project Linda

razer project linda - front tilted with atheris.jpg

Razer's Project Linda is definitely a CES concept that probably won't see action with consumers, but the idea of shoving a smartphone into a laptop shell and have it morph into a computer is definitely interesting. Even crazy is having the  smartphone be the brains and mouse pad, a pretty interesting concept indeed. 


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