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Five Essential Features You Should Look For When Buying a TV In 2018

Five Essential Features You Should Look For When Buying a TV In 2018


What is the sort after tech gadget for Christmas? The usual suspects are computers (preferably laptops), smartphones, and other formidable devices such as drones and smart home speakers. You can certainly guarantee you'll find a bevy of consumers add a TV to their shopping list. The 4K HD smart TV's are getting bigger, thinner, boasting sharper brighter images. More importantly, prices are coming down every year. It's not surprising to find a 4K smart TV go for just $400.


There are plenty of TV's on the market to choose from, but no matter the price point or if the TV has crispy sharp images, I'm sure the average consumer don't know what key features they should look for, I got you readers covered. Here are five essential features you should look for when shopping for a TV.

1: Size May Matter


Size matters, well, that depends, they're several factors you must consider. You must determine the space you have allocated. Get out your tape measure and measure the height, width of the area you plan on placing your TV. Head over to nearest electronics chain and match the actual measurements with the TV you plan on purchasing. Also, if you have more than one people residing in your residence, then pick the largest screen that will fit comfortably into your space and budget. Price considering and performance, most consumers will typically place the TV in the living room and is between 55 and 65 inches.

2: The Resolution, 4K or HD


For those who don't understand what display resolution is, it describes the number of pixels that make up the picture in horizontal and vertical columns. More pixels means a lovely sharp, crispy detail image. No matter how much cash you plan on dropping, definitely go with the TV that has a higher resolution.

For many years, 1980 x 1080 resolution, better known as full HD has always been the main staple and still is today. But TV makers such as Samsung, Sony, LG ( countless others) have now moved over to Ultra-HD, or 4K. This TV’s have an higher number of pixels, measuring 2,160 horizontal lines, or 3840 x 2160. There are of course several benefits to having a 4K TV, one of them being small objects on a display are hugely detailed, you'll also see much sharper text. Depending on your settings, colors are more vibrant with deep rich blacks.

3: Stress The Importance of High Refresh Rate

A standard spec overlooked on TV's is refresh rate, high refresh means you’re getting a high quality television. See, what it refers to is the number of times per second a frame of a video is flashed on your display and is measured in hertz (Hz). More pictures per second means you'll have a more fluid realistic motion in the video.

4:The More HDMI Connections, The Better


In 2018, the market is flooded with devices that require HDMI connection, from gaming consoles, Amazon Firestick to sound bar and Google Chromecast. These devices can quickly fill all these ports if you posses several of these devices. Try purchasing a TV that has at least four HDMI ports. Countless users such as myself are viewing a majority of my content via gaming console and Fire Stick, both require a HDMI port.

5:WiFi Connected Smart TV’s


Almost all smart TV's today have built-in WiFi which in my opinion is the most underrated feature. Many of these Wifi capable smart TV's have Internet-based streaming services such as Amazon video, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. These services come in the form of apps that’s preinstalled in the TV. There was a time when smart TV interfaces that supported these apps were slow and clunky. But TV's such as Vizio, and LG and Samsung have improved their interfaces, with handy bar-style setup placing icons on the bottom of the screen. With all that said, if you want to enjoy all the video streaming services without relying on a console or a set-top device, make sure your smart TV is WiFi ready and have these preinstalled streaming services.

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