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Best Tech That Impressed Me In 2018

Best Tech That Impressed Me In 2018


My picks for Best tech 2018 might have some think smartphones would dominate a good portion of my listing as there are plenty of impressive devices to go around, from the iPhone XS to the One Plus 6T. But smartphones aren’t only thing that stoked my interest. The listing includes other aspects of tech such as hardware and personal gadgets I actually purchased and own. My listed picks I’m certain you’re familiar with, but here it is, the best tech in 2018.

The Galaxy Note 9 Checks all The Boxes


Much like the Note 8 which was released last year, Samsung's latest iteration, the Note 9 checks all the boxes in what you're looking for in a good smartphone. It has a great camera, excellent hardware and the best display you’ll find on any device. The perfect big smartphone design that actually sits comfortably in the hands. It still retains the stylus pen that is much improved and actually useful. Via Bluetooth connection you can actually use the stylus pen as a remote to control smartphones camera. Now that’s impressive tech for you.

The Wyze Insanely Cheap Home Security Cam


The Wyze home security camera is arguably the best piece of tech I've purchased in 2018. Not because of its reasonably low price at just $25, but it's actually formidable device that functions very well. Rich in features that includes motion sensing, records video in 1080p, and much more. The same features you'll find on the more expensive options. The Wyze home security cam is a intuitive device with an easy to use software. Surprisingly the images captured on this cam are very crispy and clear.

The Google Pixel 3 Camera


We're living in an age where the smartphone by default have two cameras in the rear; there's even a smartphone that has 3 in its back ( I'm talking about you Huawei Pro 20). It's software, not the hardware that enable the Pixel 3 to take such high-quality pictures. Google's mastery of digital color science makes the Pixel 3 one of the best smartphone cameras on the market.

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X The Best Value For The Buck Processor

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When it comes to gaming, the Ryzen 7 2700X won't match speeds with the likes of Intel's Core i5 and i7, but the processor has a respectable base clock that measures 3.7GHz and a 4.3GHz boost clock, an immense amount of cores which counts up to 8 with 16-threads. Peak performing multi-threads and a much higher clock speed is what you'll get with this particular processor all while being priced at just $300.

The RTX 2070 Graphics Card With Ray Tracing Tech


Sometimes with great technology comes a hefty price, the same can be said about NIVIDIA's latest iteration, the RTX 2070. It's a great graphics card that is implemented with ray tracing technology which is something new from NVIDIA, but the card retails for a whopping $1200. Nonetheless, the RTX 2070 is an absolute beast; it can make shadows, reflections and lights appear to be realistic during gameplay. The card leads the pack over the GTX 1080 and Vega 64 regarding speed. But the drawback with the RTX 2070 is there aren't many games as of yet that support ray tracing technology. But reports states there will be 25 games that’s expected to support ray tracing in the coming months.

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