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G.Skill Unveils Its 4700MHz Trident Z DDR4 Memory Kit, With RGB Lights I Might Add


G. Skill is a reputable manufacturer that make some the finest memory kits around. In fact, most of my PC builds include their RAM sticks. So when I read from various published reports that G.Skill just unveiled their new Trident Z DDR4 16GB (2 x 8GB) memory kit, I was stoked with excitement.

Why so excited you ask? G.Skill's Trident Z clock speed measures an insane 4700MHz, making it one of the fastest memory kits around. To add to its uniqueness, the Trident Z memory kit will be laced up with tri-color RGB lighting. The memory kit will be fitted with a Samsung B-die ICs and will  support XMP 2.0 memory profiles. 


The timings on the G Skill Trident memory kit will definitely improve to a CL 19-19-19-39, needing only 1.45V of power. With it being energy efficient this for me certainly is the biggest selling point. And those GB lights gives the memory kit sex appeal. 

There is no mention of pricing from G.Skill as of yet, but there are memory kits on the market comparable to the Trident Z, the Corsair 16GB Vengeance LPX DDR4 kit comes to mind which is also have a insanely fast clock  speed at 4600MHz clock speed but will retail is very pricey at $589.99, so expect G.Skill's flagship memory kit to have the same expensive price point. The Trident Z 4700 is expected to hit the market for purchase in Q2 2018. Stay tune.


Info Nugget: What exactly is XMP?

XMP is acronym for   Extreme Memory Profile, is Intel technology that allow users to change multiple settings by selecting different profiles, taking full advantage of higher memory speeds. This is basically simplified way to overclock your memory without going into your BIOS settings. 

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