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Samsung Unveils The PM1643 SSD With a Monstrous 30TB Storage Capacity


When is having an excessive amount of storage in a hard drive enough? The answer to that question is never. But to have an excessive Gigabytes of storage space to go along with speed, I'm sure most will make a purchase no matter the cost. Then again isn't that what you now have with SSD's ? Some bordering around 4GB. Samsung's newly unveiled PM1643 Serial Attached SCSi  (SAS for short) SSD not only grants you speed, but offers a monstrous amount of storage space at 30.72 terabytes.

Even though Seagate's 60TB have yet to ship, for now Samsung's PM1643 take the mantle as being the worlds largest SSD in terms of storage capacity. Internally the drive is incorporated with some serious components, it uses 64-layers 3-bit 512-gigabit chips that uses V-NAND technology. Samsung do have a similar drive in their storage line already on the market, the PM1633a  which contains half the amount of storage space measuring in at 15.36TB,  launched in 2016. 


 There are 16 stacked layers of 512GB VNAND  creating a 1TB NAND flash. Ingeniously, the engineers at Samsung were able to squeeze 32-1TB packages right into a 2.5-inch form factor,  structurally making the PM1643 much thicker than most SSD's on the current market. The core technology that makes the  PM1643 so fast is its  12GB/s SAS interface. The drive is said to offer a read write speeds of approximately 400,000 IOPS and 50,000 IOPS respectively. Sequential read and write speeds is clocked at 2,100MB/sec and 1,7000MB/sec.

In comparison to their current model, the PM1633a have a random read/writes that goes as follows, 200,000/32,000 IOPS and sequential read of 1.2GB/sec.

The drives high level performance is all due in part to a excessively high storage capacity placed in one entire package that integrates 9 controllers and a Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology providing a faster interconnect for the 40GB of DRAM. The PM1643 can handle one full drive write per day and offers a MTBF of 2 million hours that's attached with a five year warranty.

Samsung have not set a price point yet for the PM1643, the storage drive will definitely not be cheap, the 15.36GB PM 1633a alone retails for a whopping $11,600. So just imagine the pricing of the PM1643 SSD times 2. Clearly this particular drive is made for enterprising business that uses servers. But if you so desire to purchase this storage drive for a future build, start saving your money. 

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