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ASUS and Acer Displays Featuring 144Hz 4K G-Sync HDR Expected To Launch In April


Nvidia's 144Hz 4K G-Sync HDR technology made its debut last year at CES 2017, demonstrated on an 27-inch Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ display. Then months later Acer exploited the same technology on its Predator X27 display. Since making its debut last year, we have yet seen any displays with this new technology drop to market. 

That's all about to change as there are reports of a soon to be launch of these mentioned bad ass displays. Both these displays will be implemented with G-Sync technology. Originally these displays were suppose to be launched last Summer 2017, but as reported by AnandTech, we should expect a April market launch.

Aside from the mentioned features, the monitors will include LED lighting featuring 34 zones and 1000-nits brightness thanks in part to the AUO M270QNO2.2 AHVA panels. 

Both the Asus ROG Swift and Acer Predator X27 featuring 144Hz + G-Sync technology more than likely will make its way to consumer market not as a test prop but an actual consumer products that you can purchase. The ROG Swift monitor alone packs some heavy duty pixels at 3440 x 1440 resolution. With such great visual technology means you'll need a graphics card to match, preferably a GeFrce GTX 1080 Ti is highly recommended. Both displays will definitely run you an considerable amount of money, with the whole cryptocurrency craze, 1080 Ti will also be an added drain to the wallet.

The benefits of having a display featuring G-Sync 144Hz refresh rate is far greater than the negative of course. You'll be granted with a much more fluid  gaming experience without any image distorted tearing.

Though acquiring a display that will eature 144Hz 4K G-Sync technology will come at a hefty price tag, you got be excited about these monitors which will soon land in the hands of gamers and PC enthusiast a like.

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