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Scythe Launches a Very Unique 120mm Choten Top Flow Down CPU Cooler


When it comes to overall structural design with CPU coolers, I've seen my share of uniqueness, yet here we  have the Choten Top Flow Down Draft CPU cooler, made by Scythe who by the way is a reputable Japanese manufacture who make some of the finest coolers in the game.  The lead image above the passage tells the whole story on what you have with this cooler, its oddly unique abstract design is something I've never seen before in all my years of PC building.

The Top Flow design main purpose is to push air downward towards the motherboard. The circulated air is suppose to preserve longevity in PC's were airflow is not as free flowing in optimal small factor PC's or PC's that have limited fans, all is made possible by heatsink asymmetric design, like I said,a very odd design. The Choten CPU cooler comes bundled with the specialize Scythe Kaze Flex 120 PWM fan, assuring it can fit in most PC cases thanks in part to its minimal total height that measures just 120 millimeters ( 4.7-inches). 

 The Scythe Choten uses a combine total of four quality 6mm copper heatpipes that connects to a solid copper baseplate that have an attached fin-stack. The actual copper parts, which is the base plate and heatpipe are layered in nickel, this prevents cooler from being corroded, improving overall quality. The aligned heatsink is parallel to the base plate attached fan actually guides air directly towards the motherboard. The components that surrounds the CPU socket benefits tremendously from continued air circulation.


The Choten CPU cooler comes bundled with an axial Kaze Flex 120 PWM series fan. The PWM fan speed ranges from 300 RPM to 1200 RPM. Users will have the option to adjust the fan speed accordingly to the motherboards fan controller. The fan supplied outputs a steady flow of air with measured noise level that comes in at 28,2 to 86,93 m3/ h at a low noise levels from 4 to the max at 24,9 dB. Potentially equating to a much quiet system. The Kaze Flex 120 PWM fan features a long lifespan of about 120.000 hours (MTTF) and it have a high-quality Seal Precision FDB. The fan is outfitted with an shock absorb rubber that's placed on the corner of the fan preventing any sort of vibration that may take place.

Scythe didn't just develop this CPU cooler for the experts in mind, its "Easy Clip Mounting System" will be appreciatively welcome with first time PC builders. The Choten CPU cooler will come with pre-installed clips for Intel sockets, which have a easy-mount Push Pin clips. For AMD sockets, it will use the original retention module on the motherboard. The listed compatible Intel sockets goes as follows: LGA775, LG1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156. LGA1366. With AMD sockets: AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, FM2+ and AM4. The product package itself comes bundled with mounting clips, thermal grease.

The price of the Choten CPU cooler will go for 29.30 EU, convert it to US dollars it will be $36.00, which is rather reasonable. The cooler is expected to hit consumer market in a few weeks. Once an accurate date is announced,  I will post a update on social media.

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