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Google's New Gmail: Lets Talk About The Key Features I Like


I had no inclination that Google was about to give Gmail a totally new look, nor did I know that Gmail, the new and improved Gmail that is would launch the app soon, but here it is. Sure there were the whispered rumors, yet as I pen this post I'm actually engaging in some of Gmails many new features.

Now I don't want to describe every single feature Gmail now have, instead outline some of its most impressive features. 

 For instance...

You have the email self destruct, this basically is Confidential mode with added features. If users are sending sensitive information or wonder into a state of paranoia and worried about any scathing written emails that might come back to haunt you years down the line, you have the option to choose a day on when you want the emails to disappear. The actual recipient will no longer have access to those emails---unless they just so happen to take a screen shot. Access Unseen message will simply take back any access emails and will be sent to confidential mode at anytime right before it is set to expire. Simply go directly to sent folder, find the message, and then click "renew access" The recipient on the other end will see that you sent them an email, including the actual subject line, but if they try to click the email, you'll be met with a "You don't have access to this email" message. Pretty slick to say the least. 


You don't have to open your emails , instead just hover directly over the  message in your inbox, a series icons ( four to be exact) will appear. User have the option to select snooze, read,unread, all without even opening that particular email you're viewing. If you just so happen select choose, you can pick a certain day or time to be reminded of its existence or you can select the "someday" as a option.

Just when you thought you're impressed with some of Gmail new features, even more impressive is users will now have the ability to Make Room for your inbox . Google adds a collapsing left navigation bar which makes room for your list of unread emails. Just simply tap the menu icon on the very top left corner, a whole stack of lines will will disappear right next to the Google logo.

The sidebar on the right side of Gmail allows you to Access your task, displayed is the min version of Google Calendar, Task and Keep, you also have the option to add-on  which you can acquire from Google's Suite Marketplace. Speaking of which, Task is now a standalone mobile app which was launched right after Google unveiled the new Gmail.


Those are just some of the more impressive features within the new Gmail. If you're still stuck on the old interface and want to give the new Gmail a shot. Open up your Gmail, go directly over to settings, click, drop down window will follow, on the very top you should see Try the new Gmail. This will instantly enable the new Gmail.

If you so desire have have the urge to go back to the old Gmail, because lets face it, change is always not the best for everyone, go back to your settings and on the very top ans click on go back to the classic Gmail.


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