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My Top Three PC Cases I Would Buy and You Should Buy Also

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What makes a good PC build aside from hardware of course, it's a good case that houses that hardware. The case is what stands out the most when you want to show off your latest creation. An aesthetically pleasing PC case is certainly appealing to the visuals and usually a good indicator that there's top notch hardware within. But design should have minimal impact in your decision making. Three main selling points I look for in a good case are proper cooling, cable management capabilities and spacious interior. 

 Assuming that some of my readers are in the process of building a brand new PC, whatever your set standards are, let me strongly recommend three PC cases you should include in your next system build.

PC Case Number #1: Meshify-C



A while back I did a profile on the Fractal Design Meshify C and underlined their most impressive features that's in the front of the case, it's entirely constructed out of mesh ( hence the name Mesh-ify).  The mesh vent is sectioned off into a unique diamond shape pattern. With the front portion of the case  being so mesh dominant, you should have an increase amount of airflow. Overall, the Meshify-C case have nice compact build, but that shouldn't deceive your eyes from thinking that the interior is constraint, far from it. There's plenty of room to spare, giving users the option to install a full blown water cooling setup that includes a pump and  radiator.

Key Selling Point:   Abstractly mesh front.

Retail Price: $89.99





PC Case Number #2: Fractal Design Define R5


 Add another Fractal Design case to this list, better known as the Define R5. If you have in mind to construct a ATX system that doesn't require an over abundance of cooling or graphics cards, then this particular case is definitely ideal. 

I just love how the metal on this case is kept to minimum yet its intelligently used. The side panels are coated with sound dampening material that will decrease any levels of noise. Even the cases fans is acoustically  designed to minimize noise, speaking of which, the fan speed can be adjusted with a three-stage controller. 

Key Selling Point: Sound dampening material,  minimalist compact design

Retail Price: $148.45





PC Case Number #3: Phanteks Enthoo Pro M


I actually own the Enthoo Pro M PC case and it definitely meets the three selling points I talked about in the intro. Its spacious enough to accommodate any type of water cooling setup. In fact, there are specialize brackets and mounts that make it easy for builders to install any type of radiator and water pump. The power supply units and hard drives are nicely hidden, making it very easy for builders to properly manage cables.  Like with the Meshify C, this particular case have an abundant amount air that flows through the front, top and rear.

For me, the biggest selling point got to be the left side panel which is completely covered in Acrylic  glass.

Key Selling Point: The Acrylic glass side panel, spacious interior

Retail Price: $69.99



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