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Patch Update: Google's Pixel Buds Can Now Track Skip and Improves Bluetooth Device Switching


The Pixel Bud was released I want to say last Fall of 2017, though the audio device is a practical, it did received some mixed reviews. Those who purchased the Pixel Buds all uttered similar complaints, like the charging case that is somewhat abstract,a very confusing Google Assistant experience, and a  single Bluetooth connection. Now at $160, you would think praises for Pixel Buds should outweigh the negatives. Changes are indeed coming, Google will begin rolling out an update that should address some glaring issues.

The first change you should notice once you install the update is an adjustment to tapping actions. You can now manually turn on or off your Pixel Buds by simply triple-tapping right directly on the right side of your earbud. If you just happen to be listening to music, the double-tap motion will allow users to skip tracks instead of always viewing notifications on your smartphone.


Finally,  the update from Google will make it simpler to switch between Bluetooth devices. You can now go from your smartphone to computer,  just go directly to the Bluetooth menu on the device you want to connect to and then choose the Pixel Buds. From there you can switch to a new device.

If you're a current owner of the Pixel Buds you should now start to see these updates readily available. 

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