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Why Not Get The One Plus 6 ?


For those who just happen to be in a hunt for a new smartphone, the alternatives don't always have to be what's coming out of Apple or Samsung. Yes also have companies like LG, HTC, Huawei and host other  manufacturers make smartphones. But there's one company who make near premium smartphones without the premium expensive price tag, that company I'm referring to is One Plus.  A fairly young company who's been in the business of manufacturing smartphones and other electronic gadgets since 2013. Their business model is simple,  make premium smartphones that doesn't lean heavy on the wallet.

Now that I gave a brief profile on the company, let's talk about their latest creation which is the OnePlus 6 and why you may want to consider buying this smartphone. 

 One Plus 6 was unveiled to the market two weeks back and I must say it is definitely an alternative to the more pricier brands such as the  Galaxy S9 and iPhone X. The OnePlus 6 base model starts out at just $579, with the top spec variant being priced at $679. Not bad considering most handsets on the market have a average price around $750, some coming in at $1,000 ( yes you iPhone X ).


 The Impeccable Hardware 

The  price should not have anyone take the OnePlus 6 as being sub  par to any of the top flagship devices you have on the market, in terms of hardware, it definitely rivals Samung's Galaxy S9. Its rocking the newest and latest Snapdragon 845 processor, up to 8GB of RAM which is probably overkill, but no matter if its a mobile device or PC desktop, one can never have enough RAM capacity which usually bold well in performance.  As far as the storage goes, to start you have the standard  64GB capacity and up to a whopping 256GB of storage. 

Not rivaling the competition is the display, its not packing a massive amount pixels as seen on some high end flagships. Instead, the 6.28 inch AMOLED display is 1080p featuring a nice size 19.9 aspect ratio. Again, not packing a great deal of pixels as the resolution comes in at 1,080 x 2,280. Still, the display from the eyes of many looks vibrate and sharp. Sometimes less is beneficial as a lower resolution count will definitely result in extended battery life.


Nice Clean Design

From a design perspective, the OnePlus 6 is very impressive, having a symmetrical body with nicely curved edges. From front to back, the entire smartphone is covered in the famed Corning Gorilla Glass 5.  But what's trending with smartphones nowadays is  added notch on the  top of the display, the OnePlus 6 is no exception. Unlike most smartphones though, the OnePlus 6  notch is not as elongated, but for those who may find the notch rather annoying, there are settings in the software that will allow users hide the notch. 


Great Software Experience 

Unlike Samsung, LG, Huawei and host of other smartphone manufacturers, OnePlus doesn't heavily layer their software on top of Android. OnePlus 6 Oxygen OS is probably the closets thing to a near stock Android experience. What's so impressive about the OnePlus 6, right out of the box you can now start using  Android P beta.

There are a few features within the OS that standout for me such as, the reading mode, gaming mode, a more darker theme and there is support of icon packs,  giving users the option to use the navigation button that includes the new gesture navigation,  gestures are also on the lock screen. Present is a actual audio tuner, and there's even a way to disable the entire status bar icon altogether.

Oh and That Camera Is Not Bad At All

 With premium flagship smartphones you can almost always expect an excellent camera. The iPhone X, Galaxy S9, the Huawei  P20, Google Pixel XL, all have excellent cameras. On paper the camera configuration on the OnePlus 6 is not shabby at all, the dual cameras sports a 16 and 20MP sensor respectfully along with a f/17 aperture. Optical image stabilization is present in the main camera, which will definitely aid in capturing stable images and have a more fluid smooth video. The camera have a slow-motion video mode feature enabling users to capture video in 720p at 480fps and 1080p at 240fps. With the camera being 4K capable,  users can shoot video at 60fps. 



The Plus and Minuses

Beautiful design, superior hardware, and a nice decent camera, the OnePlus 6 have all the attributes of being a top tier flagship without the expensive premium price tag,  yet the smartphone does minus some key features. There is no wireless charging despite the OnePlus 6 having a glass build, it minuses a SD expansion slot which may turn you off a bit being that most including myself  take a tons of picture and store a lot of video. With the OnePlus 6, I would definitely say the positives outweigh the negatives, though there is no wireless charging, the smartphone does have a decent battery at 3300 mAh and probably the best dash charger around. Then we have Oxygen OS, its probably the cleanest and fastest mobile Android OS variant on any smartphone that's not name Google Pixel. And the display which could be a little bit bright, its sharp and vibrant to those who has a chance to test out the smartphone.

As the title of the post goes, Why not get the OnePlus 6? Its definitely one of the best smartphones on the market garnishing positive reviews from reputable web publications.  Sure it missing some key features that's found  on most smartphones by default, but adding those feature would mean an increase in price. The OnePlus 6 definitely meets the budget consumer standard in terms of price and quality.









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