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Huawei Reveals AI Cube Alexa Speaker Combine With a 4G Router


Today, Huawei just unveiled their new AI Cube smart Speaker which has a built-in 4G modem and Wi-Fi router. Let's get this out of the way right now, as you can see in the image above, the AI Cube is not a cube but a cylindrical elongated shaped smart speaker that resembles Google Home, only thing is top is much flatter. 

One would call this an ultra combo device as it has a 360-degree wireless speaker that's combined with Huawei-Amazon that promises Alexa integration and other unmentioned AI capabilities. 

The Huawei AI Cube joins an already competitive smart speaker market that includes Apple's HomePod, the Google Home devices and, Samsung's Bixby speaker. Huawei seemingly edges out the competition as the speaker options consumers with more networking capabilities by including an actual slot for an LTE SIM card, turning the device into a 4G hotspot, there's also an Ethernet port, giving users the ability to morph the speakers into a Wi-Fi router.


As far as the AI Cube specs go, it measures roughly 8.6-inches in height and 4.57-inches across at the base and top, the weight of the speakers are 2-pounds. The AI Cube supports LTE Cat-6 for cellular speeds in upwards to about 300Mbps and has 802.11ac with dual-band Wi-Fi. It features 4 microphones,  a 15-watt Mono Speaker, and Far Field Voice Recognition.

 Interestingly enough, judging from the images and video captions I've viewed, the AI cube 360-degree speakers seems like it should output pretty decent sound, though it has yet to be tested in a live demonstration. The selling point from Huawei is produce the perfect multi-faceted device that according to the company, should be groundbreaking with a potent sound system.


Now here's the deal, AI Cube will come only to the European market right in time for the Christmas shopping season, no word on whether or not it will come to the US.

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