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The Review:  Is there a Need For The TechKey Wireless Adapter and Does It Work?

The Review: Is there a Need For The TechKey Wireless Adapter and Does It Work?


Wireless adapters, in my opinion, aren’t a necessary need in 2019. For one, most if not all laptops in this present day have integrated wireless connection and operate very well. But they’re still showing up on vendors such as Amazon and NewEgg. It tells me that there is still a market for these devices. So why would anyone even think about purchasing a wireless adapter? Well, there’s a good chance possible malfunctions can take place with your integrated wireless connection, so as a precautionary measure you can purchase a wireless adapter and use it as a backup device. Also if you're like me and disdain the Ethernet cable clutter, you can eliminate this issue by inserting a WiFi adapter into your desktop PC.

With that said, surprisingly there is a slew of adapters to choose from on the market place. Admittedly, I randomly purchased the TechKey Wireless adapter out of pure curiosity. On paper, it does have all the essential features. It has dual-band capabilities, Ultra-speed and supports all WLAN routers. The question then begs to answer is, does this particular device work and is it worth buying? Follow along in this review.

The Installation Process.....


Though the installation process was relatively easy, for some unexplained reason, this particular network adapter is not plug-in-play even though the manufacturer states otherwise. To establish any connection to my router, I had to install drivers from a media source ( a mini-disc) provided with the adapter. You also have the option to go on the manufacturer's website and from there download the drivers. For me, I used the mini disc then updated the drivers, so I can maintain stable connectivity.

Once I have inserted the TechKey adapter into the USB port and installed the drivers, now it was just a matter of trying to establish a connection to a wireless network. All in all, the installation process is very intuitive and importantly not time-consuming.

So Does The TechKey Wireless Adapter Work?

  The WiFi connection established on my end is strong and surprisingly fast, but that's because my ISP ( internet service provider) is Verizon Fios and I'm also using their wireless router. So to test the speed of the adapter I plug it to my laptop took the liberty in logging onto a different WiFi network that isn’t as fast as my own, and to my surprise, the connection was pretty decent and stable, even though I was in an environment where I expected the signal to be hit or miss.


Streaming video on any WiFi enabled device is the ultimate test for latency lag. I took the liberty in using applications that are known bandwidth hogs, streaming countless hours of Netflix and YouTube videos. I didn't experience any signal drops. To answer the question, does the TechKey wireless adapter work? The answer is yes, but functionality is not perfect — the glaring issues is the adapter while idled for an extended period becomes inoperable, meaning connectivity suddenly stops. To reconnect the device back to my WiFi network, I had to either go to my network settings or unplug it from the USB port and then plug it back in. So the quick fix was to update the latest driver. Since then, I haven’t had any problematic connectivity issues.

TechKey key features and specs

-Up to 1200 Mbps WiFi speeds on a 5GHz (867 Mbps) or 2.4GHz (300 Mbps)

-AC1200 series supports all WLAN routers: WPA/WPA2/WEP

-Compatible with Windows 10/8/7, Mac OS


To Buy or Not To Buy That’s The Question

The TechKey wireless adapter is an intriguing device, one I would consider buying if you want to free your desktop system from the dreaded Ethernet cable that always seems to add clutter to the back of your computer. It will also eliminate the need to install internal hardware into your PC. Most people are unfamiliar with mounting the device inside their computers and could end up doing damage to the wireless card or computer itself. The cost of the adapter is just USD 25. For me, it was the money worth spent.


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