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 Top Three Gaming Keyboards For Under $50

Top Three Gaming Keyboards For Under $50

You can find the best gaming keyboard under $50, I mean the market is flooded. I have several myself, and yes it cost me just $50, give a take a few dollars and cents. A good gaming keyboard needs to be user-friendly packed with a bevy of features that should aid you in destroying opponents while playing the latest military style first person shooting game. Now a regular keyboard will not give you the advantage needed to outlast the competition. The majority of budget gaming keyboards on the market do have a wide variety of programmable keys that should help you get the most out of your PC game-play.

With all of that said, here are three gaming keyboards you might be interested in for under $50

Redragon K552-R KUMARA


Not just for gamers, but coders and content editors can take full advantage of Redragon K552-R more notable features. The keyboard comes at a discounted price at just $36, it is well constructed and sturdy and can you can connect it to any gaming PC. It has an eye-popping 87 double-shot injection molded keys, absent is the NUMPAD giving the keyboard a nice compact design. The keys itself is said to be conflict-free yet have 100% anti-ghosting, high-polling rate. There are custom mechanical keys is what gives this keyboard its responsiveness and gaming abilities.

There are a total of 12 multimedia controls, which are correctly setup across 12 function keys. When holding down the FN or function key you can seamlessly activate any of these keys. As far as the back-lighting goes, red LED is spread throughout the entire keyboard and if needed users can switch it on or off and adjust to any preferred brightness level.

Like most gaming keyboards, this particular variant is plug and play; this means you don't need to install drivers to jump-start operations.

Corsair K55


Next up we have another gaming keyboard that falls under $50, the Corsair K55. It comes fully equipped with simple backlighting modes and anti-ghosting, the first of many features you'll encounter for enhanced gaming performance. It comes complete with six dedicated macro keys, multi-key and media control; this keyboard easily allow users to control customization. The macro keys are fully programmable, and multi-media controls will allow any users to access audio without interrupting gameplay.

When it comes to ergonomic design, the squarely shaped keyboard comes with a detachable soft-rubber wrist rest that should aid support to your wrist and prevent strain during extended hours of gameplay. For uninterrupted gameplay, use the windows fundamental lock mode along with the adjustable keyboard tilt.

Other noted features are assign keystrokes as well as complex multi-key combos to any of the six dedicated macro keys.

HAVIT Rainbow Combo


Though sturdy looking in its design, the HAVIT Rainbow keyboard certainly has features designed for the typical gamer, which also can be customize. It comes in black and white color scheme, with a bevy of color options for key backlighting. Again like most USB connectable keyboards, this model does not require you to install drivers; it's fully plug and play. The attractable features are not what's on the keyboard but its the 160cm sturdy and robust cable. There are ten programmable keys which you can use for any games or media. It has a 2-level high quality supporting foot as well as 19 anti-ghosting keys, which enable free game control.

The non-slip and spill-resistant design will keep your keyboard safe and dry, while directly under the keyboard, there are two rubber treated holders to keep it in place. There are holes in the back explicitly made to shield your keyboard from any runaway fluids. Just in case you accidentally spill your beverage.

Along with the mouse sharp aerodynamic design, there's the DPI switcher located on the top. The five programmable DPI settings and a Super laser motor allows the mouse to move fluidly. The bulky design of the mouse body gives the user more control and better orientation during gameplay.

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