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Lets Examine The iPhone 11 Pro Camera Shall We?

Lets Examine The iPhone 11 Pro Camera Shall We?


I've had time to digest everything I needed to know about the iPhone 11 Pro series and came away quite impressed with what Apple has to offer. In regards to the smartphone's hardware, again, impressive. The iPhone 11 Pro now sports an A13 Bionic chip, have a bigger battery ( 3969 mAh for the Pro Max) and an XDR OLED display. Though the smartphone retains 12MP camera or cameras plural, Apple now adds a third ultra-wide camera.

Since I’m so enamored with iPhone 11 Pro camera, let’s take an in-depth examination of its features.

There’s Finally an Ultra-Wide Camera

Sample picture taken using iPhone 11 Pro Ultra-Wide camera

Sample picture taken using iPhone 11 Pro Ultra-Wide camera

Once again, Apple is late to the party featuring something most of their competitors have had on their smartphones for three years, that is the ultra-wide camera. Nevertheless, the feature now gives iPhone users that image capturing option many Samsung Galaxy owners such as myself enjoy using. Judging from the pictures I've viewed on the web the ultra-wide camera produces colorful and vibrant images as with most high end smartphones that have this feature.

The Overall Camera Specs


In total there are four cameras on the new iPhone 11 Pro. In the rear, you have a 12 MP f/1.8 Wide lens, 12 MP f/ 2.0 telephoto lens and the much talked about the ultra-wide camera which is 12 MP f/ 2.4 aperture. The front-facing camera is now 12 MP which is impressive in itself considering the Samsung Galaxy 10 Plus front-facing camera has just 8 MP.

Picture Quality and Performance

Admittedly, I don't have the iPhone 11 Pro on hand so I can get a good feel of the camera. But judging from all the images I have seen posted on the web, I'm quite impressed with the performance of the camera and color science. Where the camera shines the most is its ability to capture beautiful photos in low-light conditions. Then again, speaking from an experienced iPhone user, from my perspective, the device has always performed well when capturing subjects in areas where there's limited lighting.

Video Source: GMSARENA

When it comes to capturing video, the iPhone 11 Pro reigns supreme over any current smartphone on the market in regards to overall quality. Visually, 4K video footage is stunning, very crisp, with sharp detail colors

Let’s Talk About That Night Mode


How Night Mode operates is quite impressive. The camera automatically switches to the feature when conditions within the environment become dark — using multiple exposures that compile a photo and reduce image noise — illuminating darker scenes. A similar feature found on the Pixel 3's Night Sight, Huawei P30's Night Mode.


Final Thoughts

I still have mixed feelings on iOS, which is one of the main reasons why I have remained loyal to Android (Galaxy 10 Plus my smartphone of choice). But the tech enthusiast in me recognizes unique technology when I see it. What Apple is offering with the latest iteration is a high-quality camera perfect for the photo hobbyist.

Source credit Images: Apple

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