Tekspecz the show must go on

File-it-Under: The show goes on!~

Yesterday or shall I say last night I ran into a situation where I had to re-install my entire operating system.When I install a pristine,brand new,fresh copy of Windows 7 on this computer I tried to gain access to my Blogger spot account.With little success I couldn't gain access to my account because I forgot my password,or shall I say my password I could not gain entry to my blogger account.This led me to just get a new blogger account and new name.So I came up with "Tekspecz" , little different name same thing,all I did was subtract the "k" for the letter "c" .So the show must go on,with the name change of the website,that of course means I must change the company head name which is of course will be "Tekspecz" , I have big plans for the Tekspecz experience,I want to infuse the website right along with the tech service but do something a little bit different.

In the near future I plan moving away from the blogger spot site and create a whole new website,so you can say this site is temporary.Also,I want to solve computer owners computer problems,at the same time empower others to fix it yourself,not to be afraid of the technology you own.Also included in the business I will sell stuff,that I would let the masses know in detail in the future which will be posted on this site.