Kingwin Stryker Fanless Power Supply

File-It-Under: Fanless Hardware!~

Fanless power supply's are nothing new in the computer hardware market,they've been around for some time now.Whats a first with this particular brand is the fact that its a 500 Watt power supply that can be overclock to 600 Watts,which is a first of its kind on the market.The Kingwin Stryker is absolutely made for system builders who want total silence coming from their power supply's.There is sort of a trade off with having a fanless power supply,in the particularly the Kingwin Stryker,fanless power supply's cool based on your airflow setup inside your chassis.The unwise thing to do is to insert a fanless power supply in a more enclosed computer with limited airflow.The 500 Watt power supply has a certified 80 Plus Platinum with up to 92% efficiency.

I would love to see this power supply at work,if I manage to grab hold of any video I will most certainly post to this site.

Credit Source: PC Perspective