MSI's Dust Eliminating technology

Store-It-Under: Dust Free Hardware!~
By: DFSkinner!~

What kryptonite is to superman,dust bunnies is to a computer system.It can be a slow death to a computer system,harmless at first,death to your computer in the end.Dust build up in a computer case or in any computer system (laptop) can make a difference of about a 50 degrees increase in heat.Most of your heat build up happens when dust accumulates right on top of your heat sink.It seems MSI the company who make graphic cards and motherboards have solved that problem.

Available in the company's "Lighting Extreme" edition the GTX580 graphic card is a dust removal technology that's guaranteed to eliminate our friendly neighboring dust bunnies.The technology works like this,the graphic cards fan runs full throttle in reverse for thirty seconds while the system is booting up.The reverse motion of the fan blows the dust right off the heat sink.This type of technology is no fiction,proof that it works just check out the video on the bottom of this entry.