The AngelBird 1GB/ PCIe SSD

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By: D.F.Skinner!~

As y'all remember if you was following the other website you know from time to time I premiered PCIe SSD storage devices on the site.I also mention how in the near future this will eventually replace traditional hard drives,even the current SSD's you currently see on the market.A PCIe storage drive where all you would do is just plug it into your PCIe slot,a simple installation that will eliminate fussing with cables within your computer case.

The latest PCIe based SSD is manufactured by a little known company (at least little known to me) name Anglebird.This particular PCIe SSD has a blazing read speed at 800MB /s and 750MB /s write speed, for $3000 you can have a setup that includes four 240GB SSD modules mounted on a Wings PCIe card,with an 32GB SSD that's also built onto the storage card.If you're not one who is recession proof,then there's the alternative,cheaper Wings Lite PCIe card which has 4 60GB drives.

Credit Source: Engadget and Angelbird