Logitech Wireless TouchPad

File-It-Under: Computer Peripherals!~ 

By: D.F.Skinner!~

Looks like what we have here is a answer to Apple's Magic Trackpad,the Logitech Wireless Touchpad for Windows PCs.Interestingly enough this device comes out right around the time when Microsoft is unveiling certain features to Windows 8 this week (and last week) which of course shows finger gesture features.
 Today Logitech has introduced a standalone trackpad which will have variety of two to four finger gestures that will enable you to scroll,navigate and even switch between applications,you can also assume total control of the cursor.
Logitech will use a USB receiver that has the  ability to accommodate five compatible devices.I actually like this for Windows PCs because I can see its benefits,unlike with Apple,having a standalone trackpad to me is  made no sense,you have it already on the MacBooks and you have the Magic Mouse for the desktop iMac.
Logitech will begin selling the Wireless Touchpad this month at a reasonable price of $50,no dedicated set date has been stamped by Logitech just yet,when it do I will most certainly post on my social media networks and this site.