3 Signs of a hard drive that's headed for demise

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By: D.F.Skinner!~

Signs of a  hard drive that's about to seek its demise are so tricky to pin point,especially if  you don't know what signs to look for in the first place.Your system behaving in a disorderly fashion can be attributed to many things,from a malicious virus,a hardware dysfunction other than your hard drive,or a corrupt operating system.Unless you have experiences dealing with a hard drive that you think might demise to a useless state,more than likely you won't know what signs to look for,I've had two computer systems that had hard drives issues that resulted in a hard drive of death this year alone,so I pretty much know how to diagnose a system that has a trouble hard drive.Part of knowing the signs of any computer problem of any sort is to experience the problem.On this entry I'm going to show you what to look for when a hard drive is about to meet its end.

Here are 3 signs of a troubled hard drive that's about to go on you~

1.Exceedingly slow boot ups and shut downs Windows 7 does a good job with faster boot times,well lets just say it has improved dramatically from Windows Vista and XP.If your system is booting up slower than normal,this is probably the begining stage of a hard drive that's about to morph into a problematic situation. If you feel your computer is showing signs of  abnormal slow boot time I would in this instance reboot my computer and time how long it takes for my system to bootup,a normal bootup time for the system that's stable should take no longer than 30 seconds especially if you're using Windows 7 and Mac OS X.If your system still has the operating system logo still flashing on your monitor for 5 mins or more and hasn't boot to desktop,then you know something is not right.Once your system finally boots up to desktop,take proactive steps into seeing whats wrong, immediately scan your system for any malware or virus.Usually malware and virus crawling around in your system can cause your hard drive to have slow boot times.

My actual dead drive that met its demise this past Sunday

3.Application behavior Other definite signs of a problematic hard drive is how once reliable applications suddenly crashes your entire computer when you try and open the app.Even worst, there's a appearance of a  BSOD (blue screen of death)  when you click on any application and your system suddenly reboots.Repeated system crashes from any application that you click on usually is a clear indicator that there's trouble brewing within your hard drive.

The inner workings of a hard drive

Click Clack Crunch sounds! now you know for sure your hard drive is about to meet its end,hearing unusual sounds coming from your hard drive is a sure bet that there is something mechanically wrong,if you'er hearing scratching,clicking sounds right along with repeated disk spins.Two things could be going on,1: the read/write head is actually touching the disk ( which is not suppose to happen) 2: the spin motor in the hard drive is damage.For this there is no software cure,nor is there a magical fix to this problem,simply just buy a new hard drive.