Why I hate FireFox Web Browser

File-It-Under: Browser Hatred !~
By: D.F.Skinner! ~

This is no shot at FireFox what so ever,I like FireFox,and still do,but I'm just frustrated with what the web browser has become,and that's bloated and slow,dare I say to me no that secure.This the the one web browser that pulled me away from Internet Explorer,it was the now web browser,but that was then,sadly coming from a long time FireFox user this is now.

The now is simple,FireFox is just to damn slow for my surfing need.Part of the main problem with FireFox  its such a memory hog,it uses on average 57,000 k of processing power,Google Chrome uses on average without any tabs running in the web browser uses 30,000 k processing power.Google Chrome is faster and more responsive when I pull up websites and is not subject to crashing,and if it does crash it seems to have a much faster recovery than FireFox.Last night for the first time I gave IE 9 a try and I was blown away by all the security features that's implemented within the web browser,even more impressed with the graphic user interface,and yes,IE 9 is fast.

So as of today I will be deleting Firefox from my computers and use Google Chrome as my default browser.Now I'm fair man,I'm willing to give FireFox a chance,that is if Mozilla is willing to make the web browser lite on the system with better security.But for now,its Google Chrome for me.