The MSI X79 chipset Motherboard

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By: D.F.Skinner !~

I found this motherboards on several websites yesterday,very impressive system board I must say.The MSI motherboard was put on displayed at IDF 2011 this week,for those following this article IDF stands for Intel Developers Forum.I must admit I haven't really paid much attention to any news or information that has come out of the IDF so you would have to excuse me for being tardy with this information,but when I seen this two motherboard while scouring the web for tech news,I was pretty much blown away by all the features.

What makes this two Sandy Bridge E motherboard so unique aside from the fact that there's a presence of a  PCI Express 3.0 slot is the motherboard ability to easily overclock simply by just pushing a overclock button that is implemented on the motherboard.Then there is 8 memory modules that capable of maxing out 32GB of RAM. Also featured on this motherboard is a UEFI Bios and a button that launches a web browser.

There isn't anymore  information being disclosed by the reps from MSI which is understanding being  this is a developers forum.This MSI X79 motherboard is expected to hit the market in 4 months,when it do I'll definitely give you full details on this site.

Credit Source Info: Engadget and AnandTech