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Pandora radio new HTML5 design

File-It-Under: Improved Apps!~

By: D.F.Skinner !~

I've always been a big fan of Pandora radio though the application is not my first choice by default since there is a mass variety of online radio apps available.When I read online that Pandora has totally redesigned their interface using HMTL5,being the techie that I am had to of course take a look for myself.At this very moment while writing this article listening to Pandora radio,besides the obvious with the redesign which I'll get to in a bit,I notice the sound coming from Pandora radio is much improved,HD quality,the clarity is pure and crisp.

The redesign offers a abundance of new features that includes an improved social integration,very easy to create and navigate station.One of the things that really stands out for me is how each station that is created has its own page,sort of like a separate radio station.Best part of the new redesign is the elimination of the 40 hour listening limit for premium users.The only draw back to being a non premium user is getting past the bright flashing ads ugh,other than that,yourself a have a winner here.

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